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miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

FIX Connectify Doesn't work with WINDOWS XP

Now it does! they just updated their app, and they corrected the bug that prevented computers with windows XP SP3 and others to get a DNS address!!!

Try updating your connectify app to the newest version!


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  1. hello i have got XPsp3 and when i try to run Connectify v 2.2, it say sorry connectify requires W7.
    T thought your post said it works now with XP
    But my english is not very good

  2. Hola Luly,
    Si, lo he escrito un poco mal, me referia a que connectify funciona en Windows7 para ordenadores con XP... o sea, si tu tienes XP te puedes conectar a un wifi puesto con conectify desde un ordenador con windows 7. Es que antes no se podia.

    Pero me temo, que si quieres usar connectify desde tu XP no vas a poder...lo siento :(
    Connectify funciona con una cosa que han puesto en windows 7, que crea una tarjeta de wifi virtual en tu pc.

    Si me entero de algo nuevo te escribo.

    Un saludo

  3. vale gracias, es que tengo un eeepc que si le puedo meter el W7starter tal vez lo haga para disrutar de este programa, tngo el XP de fabrica y creo es mas liviano.
    Tengo un pincho 3G y queria convertirlo en wifi para k otra persona use mi coneccion asi encontre tu blog
    un saludo

  4. hello i have win7 and i installed conecctify pro(newest version)everything is fine except the virtual modem(connectify) has no network access and i dont know how to fix this so i can use the program to hook up myps3 thanks.

  5. hello... i just installed the latest version of connectify into my laptop which running Windows XP SP3, and it work out just fine at first....later, when i reopen my laptop and start connectify again, it turns into ad-hoc mode, and none of other devices can connect/share the connection...i'm sharing a dial up modem through my wireless card, and as far as i'm concern, my wireless card work just fine and up to date....please help... :(

  6. just wanted to say thank you. point number 4 of your troubleshooting guide, make sure you have the latest drivers for your wireless installed, worked for me. this was for windows 7 64 bit, however.

  7. Thank You